Cellular automata are mathematical idealizations of natural systems that provide mathematical models for a wide variety of complex phenomena. It is a collection of cells on a grid of specified shape that evolves through a series of steps defined by a set of rules taking into account the states of adjacent cells.


Starting from the mathematical concept of "Cellular Automaton" by Wolfram, we have created a proprietary algorithm based on 4 parameters + a set of rules to algorithmically generate infinite logos. The values ​​of the parameters set by each user will form the first row of the matrix, and the logo then will be generated algorithmically in a random form starting from it. Each logo will be unique and unrepeatable. "Beauty is in the process", because the process that led us to write the algorithm has seen us try to "control" the randomness of the algorithm itself in a continuous exchange between art and order, human aesthetics and machine execution. The concept of the logo originates from the philosophy underlying the Associazione Culturale "Umanesimo Artificiale": to question the meaning and the role of human beings in an age increasingly dominated by artificial intelligences.

The Parameters

Creativity: Renaissance paintings

What’s better to represent genius and human talent than through the works of art of the Renaissance? However, we let the machine-learning algorithm of Google Arts and Science choose the images based on criteria established by us, in a co-creation process between the artist and the technology.

Ambition: Space photos by NASA

“We chose to go to the Moon”
(John F. Kennedy speech about the effort to go to the moon, 1962).
It is well known among experts that one of the greatest differences between man and machines - and what made it possible for human beings to evolve in the most evolved species ever known - is the ambition of progress, exploration and continuous discovery. To survive, man does not need to go to the Moon, or to Mars, but the curiosity and the spirit of challenging himself and take the next step is what has allowed us to reach the present day.

Efficiency: Binary Code

We wanted to represent the way computers "speak": through the binary code 0 and 1. The greater the intensity of the parameter, the more cells will be transformed by the algorithm from black and white cells in 0 and 1

Immortality: Geometric forms

How to represent the absence of life? And how to represent perfection and immortality? Mutations start from an empty rectangular cell and grows the higher the parameter, until it becomes a perfect circle, a symbol of perfect and immortality.

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