composition: vvaxx
software: puredata


Inspired by everyday noise and glitch sound signals, the artist VVAXX reinterprets the World around him to create experimental music compositions and live recordings. For Automaton Variations, all sounds are generated with the Automatonism software in Pure Data. The main concept of the album and the composition process of the artist is to limit himself to use only basic waveforms: sine wave, triangle wave, sawtooth wave, square wave (plus drum machines).

For the production VVAXX explores the technique of the automaton, algorithmic composition, modular synthesis, real-time processing, live looping, granular synthesis and generative art. Faithful to the purity of the minimalism philosophy, the composition is stripped of any superfluous decoration and effect, in its search for essentiality and algorithmic efficiency.

computer graphics: baransu
software: touchdesigner


Making the modulation of simple sound forms visually perceptible, in the most analytical and precise way possible, is the starting point for understanding Automaton Variations. More than a subjective or synaesthetic representation, the GUI – designed with the software Touchdesigner – aims to make the essential computational sound parameters visible in real time, revealing the elements of the structure and enhancing the intrinsic beauty of the parametric algorithm composition through generative patterns produced by the sound intensity as a function of time.